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Artwork Pricing Overview

Winter Specials in blue*

Painting prices

Each painting on this site is captioned with a price code (in roman numerals) which relates to the following sliding scale price ranges. Keep in mind these ranges assume a canvas size of 30 x 40 or larger. If the canvas is smaller the range adjusts accordingly. Regardless, if there is a painting you like, don't hesitate to let me know and we'll see if we can find a price that works for you.

Price Range I. $2200-$3000. ($1760-$2400)*

My most detail-oriented and multi-layered paintings fall into this category.
See examples in Price Range I

Price Range II. $1400-$2200. ($1120-$1760)*

Paintings in this price range tend to have more layers and complexity than the faster works.
See examples in Price Range II

Price Range III. $600-$1400. ($480-$1120)*

My most improvisational, "fast hand" paintings can be found in this price range.
See examples in Price Range III

Price Range IV. $200-$600. ($160-$480)*

Bargain prices on older works, make me an offer!
See examples in Price Range IV

Commission pricing

Commissions based on my photography are painted in oil on gallery-quality canvases or wood panels and follow the first three price ranges listed above (I - III). This range assumes a canvas or panel size of 30 x 40. Larger or smaller dimensions are available and the prices adjust accordingly. Commissioning a painting involves paying 50% of the minimum price in advance and the balance upon your final acceptance of the work, at which point you can choose to pay more than the minimum or not. You can see what my photographs look like as paintings (alongside their photo sources) by visiting this gallery.

Hexagram Paintings from the I Ching

Personal hexagram paintings from the I Ching are done in oil (or watercolor) on either rice paper or bond paper at 18 x 28. Read more about the process here.

Price Range V. $175-$250. ($140-$200)*

Painting on paper + textual material. See examples in Price Range V


Various materials and dimensions.

Price Range VI. $65-$85. ($52-$68)*

Pastels or watercolor. See examples in Price Range VI

Price Range VII. $45-$65. ($36-$52)*

Charcoal or pencil sketches. See examples in Price Range VII


Unless specifically noted, all gallery photographs on this site are available as high quality archival prints, mounted and matted, printed by Sausalito Giclee on Optica One fine art paper (read more). Dependable custom framing services are also available at additional cost.

18 x 24 print (24 x 30 matted): $215. ($172)*

15 x 20 print (20 x 24 matted): $165. ($132)*

Coffee Table Books & Calendars

I enjoy making photo books and for friends and family using Apple's Keepsake printing services. While these items tend to be less economical than mass-produced art books and calendars, they make up for it by being so unique and personal. If you'd be interested in a custom book or calendar of photos from any of the galleries on this site, contact me so we can discuss pictures, pages and prices. View samples.

40-page 13 x 10 hardcover book (approx. 65 photos): $150. ($120)*

12-page 13 x 10 calendar: $40. ($32)*

Desktop images and wallpaper

If you've enjoyed the pictures on my site but can't afford a painting or print, you can still take away something nice to look at (and support my work) by downloading a set of 25 desktop images for a Paypal contribution of $5 or more. Choose from among these desktop packages.

*Winter Specials in blue.