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Commission an original work of art based on your I Ching reading

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For over twenty years now, I have been artistically inspired by the I Ching. As you can see from my paintings, the shapes of the trigrams appear often in my work. If you are a fan of the Book of Changes, or just want to own a beautiful work of art, I will make an original painting on paper of your hexagram reading (or favorite hexagram) and send it to you, along with texts copied from various translations from my own I Ching library. I will also choose one quote from the text that fits the sense of what I painted and write it at the bottom of the painting.

I'm not a psychic and I won't give you any advice. I'm just an artist who has studied the hexagrams for many years and loves to paint them. These works are done in oil and pencil on 18-inch wide rice paper or bond paper. The height is usually around 28-30 inches from top to bottom. Silver binder clips and push pins are provided for you to hang your painting.

It's difficult for many to afford artwork these days. However, since I paint these works spontaneously with a modest amount of materials, I can offer them on a sliding scale between $175-250. Dependable professional framing is also available at an additional cost. These scroll-like works make beautiful, powerful and personal gifts. Commission one for yourself or for a friend.

How to do it:

Find three coins you like. Warm them up with your hands and toss them six times. Write down the results, in order. The first result becomes the bottom line of the hexagram.

There are four possible results for each throw:

  • Two heads and a tail:  Yin line (- -)
  • Three tails:  Moving Yin line (-0-)
  • Two tails and one head:  Yang line (---)
  • Three heads:  Moving Yang line (-x-)

Each successive result builds upwards. The first three lines form the lower trigram and the last three form the upper trigram. (You can look up the hexagrams in the I Ching translation below.) Send me the outcome in an , along with any context you wish to share. I will make a hexagram painting on paper and put together a small packet of photocopies of texts relating to that hexagram. I ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the minimum price for commissioned hexagrams and will complete it within two weeks.

Here's a nice HTML version of my favorite I Ching translation. View the actual site.